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A brief Hello

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Started as a dream project by sisters, Kathleen and Camille, both free-spirited adventurers envisioned sharing the secrets of achieving inexpensive luxury traveling.

Launched in 2018, Travelspree Tours was established with a passion for travel, fueled by the desire to share with everyone a taste of the ultimate travel experience.

Since then, their drive for success have developed them into a formidable duo who has taken the travel and tour industry to new heights.


Our Guarantee

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From travel preparation to execution, we will see you through with every step there is. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Travel Safe

We ensure we comply with all safety protocols from travel safety requirements, home service swab testing, local and government clearances, we even personally check and hand-pick your accommodation and restaurants to ensure your utmost safety.

Travel Easy

A truly complete and hassle-free vacation package that covers everything that you need from airline bookings, travel and safety requirements, customized tour experience, and hand-picked luxury hotel.

The Ultimate Travel Experience

When you see a destination not only as a place, but an experience that you will not only enjoy at the moment, but will become a memory that will last a lifetime.

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Mission and Vision

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Our mission is to provide our clients the ultimate travel experience. We want them to feel the same excitement and find the same satisfaction like we did in our own experience. We are here not just to be your travel agent, but your travel companion.

Our vision is to be the top most trusted travel agency in the country, known for all-season reliability and excellent quality of service.

Meet the Founders

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Kathleen Alicante

Owner, Travel Guru, Adventurer


Camille Alicante

Co-Owner, Tour Planner & Coordinator

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